Kitchen Design 101 E-Course

Not sure where to start with your kitchen renovation?

Our Kitchen Design E-Course will take you from beginner to expert in very little time. This is the course you do before you see your kitchen designer or when you’re ready to take on the challenge yourself.

If you want to create a fabulous and functional kitchen you will love, then join our wait list to be notified for when we open our doors. Create the kitchen of your dreams.

Kitchen Design
How To Design A Kitchen

Kitchen Design 101 – How To Create A Fabulous and Functional Kitchen You Will Love.

With so many choices to make when you design your perfect kitchen, it can become a little over whelming to get it just right.

Think about all the options available to you in design style, layout, materials, appliances, sinks, taps, task lighting, powerpoints, ventilation and the list goes on.

Our Kitchen Design E-Course covers everything you’ll need to know and answers all the questions there are when designing your perfect kitchen.

You can either fast track it over 7 days or go at a more relaxed pace over a period of 4 weeks.

All modules come with downloadable checklists and PDF’s to keep you on track.

If you interested in going on our wait list for the Kitchen Design E-Course add your details below and we’ll let you know when we open our doors.

Due to be open May 2017, join now.