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Bathroom Ideas: 12 Amazing Bath Tubs to Relax In. As the weather starts to get cold in Sydney and the rain and hail seem to happen everyday I'm dreaming on the bath that one day will go into my ensuite! When I designed my current bathroom I made the decision that we wouldn't have a bath as it takes up too much space and I would eventually put one in the master bathroom. That was three years ago and the next level on my house hasn't happened but I keep dreaming of the bath I will put in, how I want it...

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Nobody said that renovation was easy and the pressures that are placed on a homeowner can be immense when renovating. BUT it's with a heavy heart that I watched The Block last night and watched Tim and Anastasia deal with their budgeting issues. In the real world you would never move forward with any costs that you knew you could never pay (and even if you couldn't you would have the option of going to the bank to borrow more and if that wasn't possible you might ask a friend or family member to help out) You would also be able...


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