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How do you design a kitchen? 1. Understand your current situation 2. Select a kitchen design style 3. Know your best kitchen layout 4. Decide on a kitchen design budget 5. Plan Cabinetry 6. Select your benchtops 7. Select appliances & fittings 8. Work out electrical needs 9. Select /Assess flooring windows & doors 10. Select additional furniture - bar stools & dining tables Not sure where to start with your kitchen renovation? Wondering how to design a kitchen that is right for your home? Work through our 10 easy points with action steps to design your perfect kitchen. The kitchen is the heart of the home and needs to be a fabulous and...

General, Interior Design, Kitchen Designs, Latest News /

Kitchen Makeovers (On A Budget) - 8 Clever Detailed Ideas To make your kitchen the heart of the home again it's about knowing where to spend your money on kitchen makeovers to get an affordable result. Many kitchens function well, but their style is a thing of the past. Many times you will be able to repair, replace or improve parts of your kitchen and it will look fantastic. Kitchen makeovers can come in many different forms. You can do a full kitchen renovation where you replace everything, or you can do a budget-friendly kitchen makeover and just replace critical pieces. If you decide...


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