#31DaysofDesignFabulous - Day 8: Christopher Boots
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#31DaysofDesignFabulous - www.designlibrary.com.au - Day 8 - Christopher Boots #Lighting - Asterix

#31DaysofDesignFabulous – Day 8: Lighting – Christopher Boots

#31DaysofDesignFabulous – Day 8: Christopher Boots

Throughout the year I come across websites that tickle my fancy, ok, I fall in love with them. Then for one reason or another the content doesn’t find its way on to my website so over the Christmas and New Year break when I’m going to take time off, spend a bit of time with my family and plan out the direction of The Design Library AU for 2015 I’ve created 31 Days of Design Fabulous – #31DaysofDesignFabulous.

Come back when you have time and look through all 31 days. See you back in the New Year.

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Christopher Boots the Melbourne based industrial designer started his architectural lighting design practice in April 2011. Combining traditional and cutting edge materials. His pieces are like artwork, a statement to spectacular lighting creations.

#31DaysofDesignFabulous - www.designlibrary.com.au - Day 8 -Christopher Boots #Lighting - Bucky Black Gold

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