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5 Easy and Effective Projects To Increase Your Home’s Value

By Vicki Brereton – Decor Interior Style

5 Easy and Effective Projects To Increase Your Home’s Value

Home renovation “reality” shows like The Block reveal just how much money can be made from a full-on property renovation. As a home renovator, you know that a well-thought-out overhaul of your property can have a massive impact on its value.

But of course a big renovation project comes with big costs. Even less ambitious projects – like renovating your kitchen or bathroom – can cost anywhere from $10,000 up to $30,000.

However there are a few simple and inexpensive changes you can make now to your home that will transform the way it looks, while also improving the value when it does come time to sell.

And the best part? Most of these projects can be completed in a weekend (or less). Leaving you plenty of time to catch up on the latest drama on The Block.

No. 1 – Update Door Handles Around Your Home

Good quality door handles make your home appear cared for. No one likes to struggle with a loose handle, right? Door handles can also subtly convey a particular style – think mismatched vintage oval handles for a shabby chic look, or sleek metal bars for a modern feel.

When it comes to your kitchen, those plain cupboards with pink plastic handles suddenly look streamlined with the addition of stainless steel handles.

And when it comes to price, the impact is far less than your cost. You can replace all the handles on your kitchen cabinets for less than $200, while changing out your door handles could be around $500, depending on the hardware you choose.

[one_half]Increase Your Homes Value - Brass handles - Allessia Garibaldi - Office Space - Milan - designlibrary.com.auCupboard Handles[/one_half]
[one_half_last]Increase Your Homes Value -Brass Cabinet pulls - D Lawless Hardware - The Hunted Interior - designlibrary.com.auPulled Burnished Brass


5 Easy Project to Increase Your Homes Value - Door Handles - designlibrary.com.auArtia, Mother of Pearl and Kethy handles

No. 2 – Install New Lighting

Globe light fixtures are a standard feature in a lot of homes. But they’re doing nothing when it comes to your home’s styling.

Luckily, there are some gorgeous light fittings around these days that can be picked up for less than $50 each. And if you’ve got batten fittings, it’s simple to change them yourself.

Don’t want to invest in new light fittings? It’s amazing how something as simple as swapping out your harsh white-light bulbs to warm ones can make a room feel more inviting. And at around $5 per bulb, they’re a cheap fix that will instantly make your house seem brighter and more welcoming.

[one_half]5 Easy Project to Increase Your Homes Value - Lighting - Bubble Lights  |  designlibrary.com.auModern Glass Globe Chandelier with Edison Lights[/one_half]
[one_half_last]5 Easy Project to Increase Your Homes Value - Lighting - Apparatus Studio - New York  | designlibrary.com.auApparatus Manhattan design studio [/one_half_last]

5 Easy Projects to Increase Your Homes Value - Lighting  |  designlibrary.com.au

No. 3 – Ceiling Fans Combine Design and Function

A cool house is high on the list when it comes to Australian housing. Air conditioning is one option, but it can be expensive to install. However, ceiling fans are a cheaper alternative, with the bonus that they’re way more energy efficient.

Gone are the days of ugly white plastic fans. In fact, some ceiling fans are a design statement in their own right.

Prices for ceiling fans vary depending on the material and design. But choose well and you’ll have a practical design feature that also adds value to your home.


Increase Your Homes Value - Door Handles -Artemis Distressed Koa and White Fans |  designlibrary.com.auArtemis Distressed Koa and White Fans

Increase Your Homes Value -Beacon Lighting Fans  |  designlibrary.com.auBeacon Lighting Fans


No. 4 – New Rugs Give An Instant Style Update

Are you dreaming of ripping up the old carpet to put down floating floors but can’t afford it?

Rugs are a cheap option to cover up bad flooring and make your home more inviting at the same time. Putting down rugs also allows you to experiment with your design taste – for far less than new flooring costs.

[one_half]Increase Your Homes Value -The Rug Collection - TRC Designs - Horizon - Rugs | designlibrary.com.auThe Rug Collection – TRC Designs – Horizon rug [/one_half]
[one_half_last]Increase Your Homes Value -Armadillo and Co - Dune | designlibrary.com.auArmadillo and Co – Dune rug [/one_half_last]

Increase Your Homes Value -Coco Republic Dusk Til Dawn - Midnight Rug | designlibrary.com.auCoco Republic Dusk Til Dawn – Midnight Rug

No.5 – Venetian Blinds Add Privacy and Value

Those old window treatments are doing nothing to improve the look of your home. But new blinds can be a cheap way to improve your look and increase the value of your home.

Ready-made venetian blinds come in heaps of styles and colours and can cost less than $100 – depending on the size. Choose white for a clean, fresh look or go for timber for a cozy feel.

[one_half]5 Easy Project to Increase Your Homes Value -Blinds - Decoholic | designlibrary.com.auTimber venetians [/one_half]
[one_half_last]5 Easy Project to Increase Your Homes Value - Venetian Blinds - Decoholic | designlibrary.com.auSimple white venetians finsh the room [/one_half_last]

What easy updates have you made to your home to improve the look?

Let us know in the comments below.


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