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6 Unique Ideas for Leftover Moving Boxes That Are So Much Fun!

By Clive Smith – Budget Self Pack Containers

After the stress and excitement of moving has died down, you’re probably left with a bunch of moving boxes just laying around. And whilst the initial response is to simply ‘clean up the mess’, there’s actually a lot of fun and creative uses for leftover moving boxes to clear that clutter of brown chaos.

You don’t need to be a mastermind either to make these creative solutions work. Whether it’s for family entertainment with the kids, or a DIY project you can get done yourself there’s many ways you can turn useless into useful and get the most out of your moving supplies.

Anton Tang from Antty creates cardboard box people using his talent to help people smile and have a great day!

Anton Tang - Life - 6 Unique Ideas for Leftover Moving Boxes | designlibrary.com.au

Here’s six brilliant ideas you could try –

1. Home Decor

When you think of unattractive brown moving boxes the last thing you’re going to pair them with is stunning home décor. But think outside the box for a minute and get those creative juices flowing. Use leftover moving boxes to craft photo frames to either hang on the wall or sit on your favourite shelf. Showcase your most prized moments and people by cutting out the cardboard boxes to create a photo frame. You can be as simple or as creative as you like and use colourful materials or recycled bits and pieces to dress the frame up.

DIY memo boards are perfect for the kitchen for those super busy days when you know you’re going to forget everything. Use your favourite coloured material around the edges to match with your current home décor and pin memos or shopping lists to it. If you have children, it can be a fun idea to letter their names on their bedroom doors using scrapbook paper or material over the cut outs of the cardboard letters or dress up the laundry room with lettering too.

2. The Ultimate Cat Toy

If you are a cat owner then you’ll know all too well about their love affair with boxes. Cats will literally play with anything. This use of leftover moving boxes can be the perfect way to cater to your pet’s creativity and in turn, possibly save the destruction to your furniture!

You can use a cardboard box on its own without doing anything fancy, or get creative and cut sections out and join it up to another box or two. Watch your old moving box become a lookout post, a cat castle, a shelter, a scratching post or a hide and seek game. It’ll give your pet hours of fun and you a lot of entertainment watching too. If you don’t like the ‘brown’ box look either, considering painting it some cool colours in non-toxic paint to match your home.

Cat Cardboard Castle - 6 Unique Ideas for Leftover Moving Boxes | designlibrary.com.au

3. Children’s Entertainment and Costumes

The same way your kitty will get hours of entertainment out of old moving boxes, your children too can join in on the fun. Whether you take an old box down the local park and make a summer sled to slide down the grassy banks on, or make your own rocket ship, there’s so many cool options your kids will love.

Get them involved in the creating process too. You can make anything from cardboard box guitars complete with fishing wire, toilet rolls and bright coloured paint. Or create a magical pink castle, box playhouse fort or town, a cooking stove top, a rocket ship or a car or a box train. Add materials and coloured paint to dress the boxes up and your children (and their friends!) will be amused for hours.


Make Your Own Rocket - instructables.com - 6 Unique Ideas for Leftover Moving Boxes | designlibrary.com.au

4. Stationary Solutions

Leftover moving boxes can offer ideal stationary solutions to get some organisation in your home office or for your child’s homework desk. From pen holders to inbox mail compartments and even creating your own personalised notebook with materials and cardboard, moving boxes can actually provide some pretty cool organisation solutions.

Again, make use of paint, materials and craft decorations to spice your moving boxes up and breathe new life into them. They’ll also be a much more personalised way to boost your work and office space.

5. Smart Storage

Moving into a new home is the best opportunity to declutter and start afresh. This means you’ll need a lot of smart storage ideas. Using leftover moving boxes can be an easy and cost-effective way to do this, without requiring too much creativity or craft work to make it happen.

Because your moving boxes are indeed boxes, reuse them for storage. Whether it’s in your wardrobe for old clothes, shoes or bags you aren’t prepared to throw away or in your home office workspace for paper work and other items moving boxes can be easily repurposed. By creating smart storage solutions, you’ll be able to keep your new place organised.

6. Go Green

When all else fails and you simply don’t have the energy for any more creative ideas, promote a healthier environment and have the boxes properly recycled. Your local council will have information about the best way to do this, or take them down the local tip if there’s too many.

If you have any friends or family you know will be moving soon, save them the hassle of purchasing moving boxes and send them their way to be reused.

At Budget Self Pack Containers we are regularly asked by our customers what they should do with leftover moving boxes and materials. As you can see there are many uses for these moving containers and we always suggest putting a call-out on Facebook or Gumtree to find someone else who is perhaps moving soon who can use them for their move too!

Do you have any ideas for your left over moving boxes?

Let us know in the comments below.


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