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The Design Library AU is my interior design assistant. It’s a collection of all my interior designer “Little Black Books’ all in one location. As an interior designer by trade and a compulsive renovator I’m creating my ultimate source design library (directory) and highlighting the Australian interior design and home improvement market in one place to share with everyone. Enjoy!

Liane Cooper - The Design Library AU


I’m Liane Cooper and I am an interior designer with a compulsive renovation habit.  Starting out in the commercial interior design world in Sydney Australia I moved on to complete 7 personal home renovations with young children under foot and my 8th is a work in progress. Actually, the progress stopped for the last few years, when I went back to school to complete a diploma in marketing and spent my time building other people’s websites. But now the time has come that I come back to my true passion of interior design and building via The Design Library AU.

I started my website as a way to collate my black book of contacts and to help others also looking to create beautiful family homes. I know there are many renovators just like me who live in a busy world with demanding lives and need information at their fingertips. I’m looking to make the interior design and renovation process easier as I share my knowledge through checklists (check out my Kitchen Design Checklist here) and my Little Black Books of contacts in my directory to make the task of sourcing products and services a lot more enjoyable.

Growing up in a family where my father and brothers work in the furniture design and upholstery industry, and having a mother with a passion for renovation and gardens there is no surprise about my building and interiors addictions.

I live in a household of 4. With 2 beautiful children and my wonderful husband who lets me indulge in my passion for renovation and design.

My slight (OK maybe more than slight) obsession of interior design magazines fills my coffee table and my Instagram and Pinterest habit keeps me at my computer for hours. All of which drives me to add more to my writings about renovation and share my continual redesign of my next extension. (My current home has 32 stairs down to the front door and the plan is to rectify this with a first-floor extension with street access – it will come!)

If you like what your reading and feel The Design Library is a great fit with your business you might be interested in working with us or listing your business in our directory.

Understand the renovating customer is our specialty and we’d love to show you how. FIND OUT MORE ABOUT THE RENOVATING CUSTOMER.

Come follow me on Pinterest, Instagram, Facebook and Twitter to see what I’m up to or contact me.  I look forward to hearing from you.


Always Renovating

Liane Cooper - The Design Library AU


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Amara-Interior-Blog-Awards-The-Design-Library-Au - Shortlisted - Thank You

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