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Black Bath Tubs

Black bath tubs – There is something about a black bath that just makes me stop!


Its different, its elegant and its special.

There is always the expectation that bath tubs will be white. Remember when we use to think Avocado and Pink were a great colour for fittings, but Black stand on its own.

Its classic, it has style, it says luxury.

Could you do a black bath tub? Maybe I could, I think it would have to look like stone like the one below used in the rooms at the Saffire Freycinet Lodge in Tasmania.

Black bath tubs bathroom ideas

Check out the great collection in Remodelista’s post Dark Water: 10 Modern Black Bathtubs by Julie Carlson. The collection is well worth a look – black bath tubs, love the idea.

Have a look and comment below if you would use a black bath tub or is it too much?


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