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Life In Style: Woolwich Pier Hotel

Eating Out In Sydney: Woolwich Pier Hotel

Over the weekend I had a desire for a steak! We don’t eat much red meat in our house with a vegetarian who eats chicken so when my young Miss was at a party we ventured to our local pub Woolwich Pier Hotel.

As we waited for our dinner with a few drinks this time sitting in the bar stool along a long share bench, I got the opportunity to take in the bar.  The subway tiling that had been used stood out to me, maybe that’s because I’m trying to make up my mind about the tiling for the splashback in my kitchen, I just don’t know which way to go.

They’ve used a light colour tile with dark grout and placed shelving in front that holds wine and fresh herbs in small pots that they use for cocktails. To keep the sophisticated classic pub feel industrial lighting runs the entire length of the bar and copper industrial pendants hang high in the feature skylight.

Outdoors on the terrace is an open space with a vintage style sports club setting and close by is the clubhouse a more intermit space with covered areas for small groups.

Upstairs is a fabulous cocktail bar, a fireplace and a wrap around balcony with views of the Sydney harbour bridge and the city.

The Woolwich Pier has been designed by Luchetti Krelle in collaboration with SJB and is a great place to visit with friends and family.

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Woolwich Pier Hotel

Main Bar with industrial lighting running the full length of the bar

Woolwich Pier Hotel - Life In Style - Sydney -

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