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Home renovation can be fun, it can be exciting but to make sure your renovation goes well don’t make the following mistakes.

Your home is probably your most valued asset and renovating can help to build this asset but you need to plan your renovation out exactly. Follow the correct process with trusted trades people and pull together your renovation ideas for a fantastic job you will be proud of for years to come.

After 7 renovations I have made many mistakes and they can be very costly or just plain annoying, especially when you have to keep looking at them day in day out. I can’t recommend highly the idea of planning and thinking about your renovations before they begin. No doubt you may come up with issues along the way but planning will eliminate many before you start.


  1.  Not enough planning

  2.  Not getting correct council approval if needed

  3.  Not budgeting for unforseen costs and being realistic about renovation costs

  4.  Creating a wow factor that doesn’t last the test of time

  5.  Not using trusted tradespeople

  6.  Over capitalising

  7.  Over estimating your DIY abilities

  8.  Badly completed work

  9.  Not communicating with all parties

  10.  Not being in control

  11.  Buying bargains that don’t work or fit

  12.  Not thinking of the future and not planning for it

  13.  Not doing enough homework and research

  14.  Not doing enough prep work

  15.  Not being realistic about time frames

  16.  Not knowing the correct renovation process

Before photos - renovation ideas Interior Design & Building


renovation ideas

renovation ideas

renovation ideas

renovation ideas

renovation ideas

renovation ideas

All images are before photos from my personal renovations.

If you have any great renovation advice or have made any renovation mistakes let us to know, comment below.

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  • Knight presta

    Appreciate your helpful writeup,Planning and budget holds the key for successful completion of the project ,its better to draw an outline on paper first before executing,Thanks

    • Liane Cooper

      I would agree lots of planning and following the budget closely, it doesn’t take much for it to creep up. Thanks.

  • Monique@The Urban Mum

    Our next door neighbours didn’t get council approval. They now need to rip out all of their new windows and doors and go back to the original. Expensive mistake. Great advice thank you!

    • Liane Cooper

      A very expensive and stressful mistake Monique!

  • biet thu co dien

    Now, I have understood why I spent a lot of money in renovating my house. I bought many things but not use them.

  • Melinda McQueen

    Realising that time = money! Even though me and hubby did all the work on our latest Reno — it’s super exhausting doing all of it yourself. While I realised this lesson 6 months into the Reno it has taken my hubby 1.5 years to have this revelation. (Roll of the eyes)…

  • Eric Costa

    Same mistakes I did which were very costly. I used Scandinavian homewares that time. But actually it turned out to be great. Thanks for the blog.

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