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Home renovations where do you start? How do you go about it?

Home Renovation Ideas – Where To Start?

You have a fabulous new renovation to begin, your excited with the prospect of creating a new space, but where do you start?

Renovating can be fun, but don’t be surprised if you find it very testing at times. Even with the best planning you can come unstuck; there will be “stuff” that just comes up that you will have to deal with.

People will let you down and time frames will be pushed out. Budgets will be blown if you deviate from the original plan or find an item that you must absolutely have.

Relationships can be tested and stress levels can be high. But in the end the results are amazing and you will forget the troubles you experienced.

So where do you start?

Start with your ideas. Scoping out your project and writing down the spaces that you will be working with will help you come up with a direction. Then you need to find images that create the look and feel of what you are after.

At this point I like to put aside how much it will cost because if I do I limit myself as to what can be achieved – forget the price for now.  A great online tool for collecting all your ideas together is Pinterest. You can create separate boards for each space / room you are creating and then go about collecting image ideas.

Images found online can be “pinned“ to boards and images found in magazines or whilst out and about can be quickly photographed with you mobile phone and uploaded. There is nothing like going out for lunch and seeing a great idea for your next outdoor space or with a quick visit to the loo that produces a nice idea for your bathroom (high-end restaurants and bars are great for this.) You can take these ideas and create luxury and hotel style in your own home.

Some of my best ideas have come from weekends away at a beach side shack or an overseas home wares store that displayed simple colour pallet style to be used in a relaxing veranda environment.

Where to start – start with a mood board created on Pinterest to bring all your ideas together.

Architectural Lines

Image via Design Library Pinterest board – Amazing Architectural Lines. Via Checkonsite.com

Bathroom Ideas

Image via Design Library Pinterest board – Bathroom Ideas to die for. Via The Block

Kitchen Ideas

Image via Design Library Pinterest board – Kitchen Ideas to die for. Via Hereclecticinterior.tumblr

Australian Design

Image via Design Library Pinterest board – Great Australian Design. Via Flickr


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