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Kitchen Designs: Part 1 Kitchen Benchtops

Kitchen Benchtop Costs

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Kitchen design is one of the most important elements of designing a home.

The kitchen has become the social hub of the home and the space in which families spend the majority of their time.

Within this space, kitchen benchtops are undoubtedly the most important element. They are the most visually dominant feature of a kitchen and influential to the style of adjacent areas (such as living and dining spaces). The right benchtop will make or break your overall design.

The main options for kitchen benchtop materials are:

  1. Natural stone  – ie. granite and marble both are timeless but can be expensive. Stains will show on lighter colours.
  2. Engineered stone – made from a combination of stone and a binding agent it is very strong and durable Ie. Quartz stone, Caesarstone
  3. Acrylic – a blend of natural minerals and acrylic, ie. Corian. Corian can have scratches removed and be molded into shape for sinks and washboards ( it’s one of the most expensive choices)
  4. Laminates – a plastic fused together with heat, pressure and an adhesive. It comes in many colours and designs. Ie. Laminex, Formica, Wilsonart
  5. Hardwood – a nature and warm look that has many difference colours to choose from pale blonde Oaks to dark Jarrahs and of course a cheaper timber can be stained to suit.  Timber is soft and can show marks.
  6. Polished Concrete – an increasingly popular choice with its industrial modern look. Extremely hard-wearing and is hand crafted for each situation. It is stain resistant when sealed and has many colour options.
  7. Stainless Steel – generally a chef’s choice of benchtops, but gaining popularity with its modern look.



 laminate benchtop
Image via Laminex – Laminate Benchtop

Polished concrete benchtop
Image via – Polished concrete benchtop

Natural Stone Benchtop
Image via Design Hunter – Natural Stone Benchtop

Bamboo kitchen bench
Image via Complete Home – Bamboo benchtop

Stainless steel benchtop
Image via Design Milk – Stainless Steel benchtop

Corian acrylic benchtop
Image via InDesign Live – Corian acrylic benchtop


What is your favourite Kitchen Benchtop material? Let us know in the comments below!

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Showing 6 comments
  • Monique@The Urban Mum

    Give me polished concrete or a massive slab of marble (white with lovely random grey veins) and I will die a happy woman. Travelling in India we passed through towns renowned for marble, the discarded pieces lying on the side of the road would have served me well, just spectacular to stay in the hotels where marble is the predominant material used….x

    • Crystal

      If you need information on polished concrete, check out this website, I found it very helpful…

  • Jack Palmer

    I completely agree with what you said about kitchens, “Within this space, kitchen benchtops are undoubtedly the most important element.” In my home growing up that’s what we would all gather around, that’s where we would put everything, and most importantly, that’s where we would eat! Now that me and my wife are having our own home built, it’ll be fun picking out our own material. We are definitely leaning towards more of a stone options than a laminate. Thanks for listing all of the different ideas, it was helpful!

  • Braden Bills

    I’m trying to figure out what kind of benchtops I should use. I didn’t realize that stone benchtops were so durable! Quartz is especially beautiful, too. I’ll see if I can use that!

  • The Kitchen Factory Malaga

    All of these look lovely but there’s something about stainless steel benchtop that makes it so appealing in almost any kitchen design.

    • Liane Cooper

      So true Kitchen Factory!

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