Limited Edition Artwork - ArtGoat |

Limited Edition Artwork From ArtGoat – Affordable Contemporary Art Prints

Weekend Dreaming – Limited Edition Artwork From ArtGoat – Affordable Contemporary Art Prints

Have you ever wanted to buy unique pieces of artwork and didn’t know where to go?

Looking for something different that you haven’t seen before to put on your home or office walls?

Well you must check out ArtGoat a new online website filled with unique pieces of artwork selected by two guys from Melbourne and a bunch of artists around Australia.

Artwork By Natasha Dearden

Limited Edition Artwork - ArtGoat - Natasha Dearden |

After receiving their media release we wanted to know a little more –

Who is behind ArtGoat? 

ArtGoat was founded in 2015 by two guys named Matt Londt and Tom Sowerby. Matt and Tom have a tech/marketing background and love creating new things. They spend a lot of their time coming up with new ideas and trying to get them off the ground. ArtGoat is the latest project by the duo.

Why ArtGoat, What drives you? 

Our tech/marketing background gives us the ability to set up and promote marketplaces like ArtGoat quickly and easily. I personally have a love for colourful character design. Something that has stuck with me from my childhood is putting stuff up on my walls. When I was a kid it was game posters, surfing posters and some art I’d done myself. Fast forward to today and I have a collection of prints that are on a constant rotation.

Tom and I noticed a disconnect between the awesome art and design being created, and the ability to buy it and put it up on your wall. That’s how ArtGoat was born. We wanted to connect unique art by talented local artists with the general public who just want to put something awesome and original on their wall.

What are your hopes for the future? 

We want to see ArtGoat grow, slowly, quickly, we don’t mind, as long as we can keep connecting people with awesome art. We hope that one day we’ll carry hundreds of prints at a time, from loads of artists across Australia. We encourage any artists out there to get in touch with our talent manager to talk about becoming and ArtGoat artist.

Artwork By Ilona Barac

Limited Edition Artwork - ArtGoat - Ilona Barac |

ArtGoat scours the city’s galleries and exhibitions in search of local artists looking for a busy new route to market for their work. Its simple online catalogue then connects them to anyone searching for something original, authentic and affordable. Each piece is limited to a run of only 50 prints.

“When you want something awesome to hang on the wall at home or in the office you invariably find yourself buying either mass-produced prints with no supporting story or a unique piece at a price that’s beyond you,” explained ArtGoat Co-Founder Matt. “We decided it was time to add another option – a chance to own something truly unique that connects you forever to a gifted local artist, for the price of good meal.”

As well as working with hundreds of local artists to select fresh appropriate work, much of ArtGoat’s success is expected to stem from the time spent choosing the best papers and production technology to ensure the finished product remains faithful to the creator. All ArtGoat prints are produced on museum grade archival papers using Epson 9900 digital press technology certified by master printers. Every unframed print is meticulously inspected before being carefully packed, and Australia-wide shipping is free.

“All creative work either succeeds by its expression or fails from the lack of it,” added Tom. “None of our artists will ever feel restricted by their style of expression because ArtGoat is about freedom to think and to reveal what they’re thinking about. It’s a showcase of artistic independence – and of its relevant and necessary role in supporting Melbourne’s individuality. We set out with the simple goal of helping our local artists to make a living so they can continue to inspire the world with their work. That’s a huge win-win for everyone.”

Artwork By Kate & Luke Bordessa

Limited Edition Artwork - ArtGoat - Kate and Luke Bordessa |

Each of the above limited edition pieces of artwork is priced at a very affordable price of $99.00 and they ship worldwide!

Click on over to ArtGoat and have a look at what else they have listed and let us know what you think in the comments below.



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