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Outdoor Living: 20 Pieces of Outdoor Furniture

Outdoor Living: 20 Pieces of Outdoor Furniture to consider

With the weather warming up and Christmas getting closer creating an outdoor living space worth using is an absolute must.

Apart from the obvious of a place to sit down and a place to put your cup, there are several things you need to consider when creating your outdoor living space –

  1. Will there be any sort of covering – do you need to create a pergola or could you buy an umbrella or just install a large shade.
  2. Will you need a BBQ – revamping your backyard to accommodate a built-in BBQ might be going too far but a quick trip to the hardware store for a free-standing BBQ would work? And yes you need a BBQ especially if you live in Australia.
  3. What sort of outdoor furniture will you have – will it be a table and chairs arrangement or maybe you might consider an outdoor sofa for a more relaxed feel.
  4. Adding life to your outdoor space – to create an area that feels more of an indoor/ outdoor room adding brightly coloured cushions and outdoor rugs will make it more like a lounge room. It also softens the area making it more comfortable to relax in for longer periods of time.
  5. How will your space connect to the house – if it’s possible consider the addition of an outdoor counter that connects to the kitchen. It makes it easier to move food from the kitchen to the outdoor area and back again.
  6. Mood lighting – soft relaxed lighting will add atmosphere and create the mood of a peaceful garden party. Consider hanging fairy lights filtered through-out a low hanging tree close by together with a slow burning large candle placed in the middle of your table.

Look through some of my favourite outdoor furniture items now available or maybe just dream about them for your outdoor space.

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Outdoor Living: 20 Pieces of Outdoor Furniture To Consider

For a splash of colour with the Acapulco Chair Replica – Milan Direct.

Outdoor Furniture - 20 Great Pieces to Consider - Acapulco Chair Replica - Milan Direct - www.designlibrary.com.au

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