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Miele ArtLine – Modern Kitchen Design Sponsored By Miele Modern kitchen design is made up of sleek lines, a contemporary look and is full of innovative ideas. Its finishes and fittings are perfectly integrated with straight lined cabinetry that has smooth edges and handleless features. The best modern and contemporary kitchens blend style and function, displaying a lesson in restraint with minimal accessories and no clutter. Miele’s new ArtLine Designer range perfectly complements this kitchen design style. The ArtLine range of appliances fit seamlessly into a modern kitchen with its linear elements, contemporary style and Touch2Open door opening technology. Miele's ArtLine streamline design is...

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17 Bathroom Renovations Secrets For Your Beautiful Dream SpaceThe bathroom of my dreams is a very peaceful place; it creates the feeling if only for 15 minutes or so twice a day of a place that I have escaped into, my own private sanctuary. When I'm thinking of bathroom vanities they are big with double sinks and lots of space and my bathroom tiles are always glamorous maybe made of marble. I'm dreaming of the day...

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Home renovation can be fun, it can be exciting but to make sure your renovation goes well don't make the following mistakes. Your home is probably your most valued asset and renovating can help to build this asset but you need to plan your renovation out exactly. Follow the correct process with trusted trades people and pull together your renovation ideas for a fantastic job you will be proud of for years to come. After 7 renovations I have made many mistakes and they can be very costly or just plain annoying, especially when you have to keep looking at them day...


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