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Interior Design: Black Book Listings - Furniture, Homewares, Accessories and Wallpaper For the last 2 weeks at The Library I have had children on school holidays. My kids are at an age where they can entertain themselves but still want you to be around so we have been hanging out around the house and going on several trips. These trips general end up  with eating and the occasional visit to homewares and interiors stores. Yesterday we visited the Blue Mountains, with a trip to  the beautiful Hydro Majestic Hotel and coffee at Leura. It's such a great place for boutique interiors...

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Written By Ashley Beaumont - Ecoliv 4 Ways To Renovate To help The Environment We often hear about renovating for profit, but how about renovating for the environment? You may have chosen a block which doesn’t face north or have constructed your home out of brick, but that doesn’t mean there are no options for those looking to make their home more sustainable. Ecoliv Eco Balanced - finely tuned contemporary home with an 8 star thermal rating. Housing efficiency is one of the biggest impacts we can have on the environment and a more efficient home is often kinder on your household bills. Below are...

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[tps_header] Interior Design Magazines: Within The Pages of Inside Out July 2015 A great collection of something different, a stylists room collection, concrete wallpaper, scatter cushions, quilt covers, rugs and a wooden bath! Grab a copy. Have a look though my list of 8 favourite finds WithIn The Pages of this months Inside Out magazine and then items found on the websites I went to look through. Have a look at them all to see design at its best and check out the websites linked to see what else they offer.[/tps_header] Inside Out Magazine July 2015 Nathan Jac Winter Wonderland Living Room Pack - A full room selection of furniture...

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Kitchen Designs: Part 2 Cost Of Kitchen Benchtops The cost of kitchen benchtops can be a deciding factor to achieving your dream kitchen. With many options to choose from knowing what they cost may help you to make a decision. With cost in mind, you can then look at your selection and compare it together with maintenance and durability. COST The cost will be determined on exactly what your requirements are but a rough guide would be - Undoubtedly, the most cost-effective benchtop material is Laminate. Polished concrete is also cheap in terms of the raw materials. However, more complex designs may require specialized...


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