Natural Comfort Hues - Designer Colour Palette - Compulsive Renovator -

Renovation – #DesignerColourPalette

Renovation – #DesignerColourPalette

Natural Comfort Hues

With so many interior design images passing my desk and the unrenovated Sydney house that I live in calling me, I am drawn to collect colour palettes for my next renovation.

I have a real thing for black and white but natural hues still have a strong place in my mind. I find timber with its organic feel and lines is a product and finish that never dates and lets face it I don’t have the money or the time to continuously change my interiors.

The only negative I find with timber is “brown,” it’s just not my colour, and when timber gets into the orange tones it not going to work with any of my rooms. But when it moves over into latte, well then I can really relate.

The renovation that I’m considering next will include a new bedroom, second living room and a bathroom that all open onto a deck overlooking the bush, so we are talking lots of natural light and large windows to take in the view.

Inspired by the images below (of an apartment by Sergey Makhno Architectural Workshop) I’ve created a colour palette I might consider. Their use of a soft natural palette with smoky charcoals, up against light timbers and strong blacks used in the Tom Dixon pendant lighting, create a comfortable feel that I would like to consider emulating.


Natural Comfort Hues - Designer Colour Palette By The Compulsive Renovator -

This is just the start of what I predict to be long road for my design choices to my next renovation.

I know I will change my mind many times and although I believe at the beginning I like to work with the idea of NO budget as I want to open my mind to everything! There will be a point where I will have to consider budget to make sure my next reno project will actually get done.

Come along for my journey as I explore and then implement my compulsion to renovate.

If you like my colour palette be sure to let me know in the comments below and share my pinable online.



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