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Polished Concrete Floors – What You Need To Consider - My Floor Answers The Questions I'm a bit of a renovation TV junkie (no surprise) and with shows like The Block and House Rules in recent times adding concrete floors, I've been thinking how would I go about this? What do I need to consider? The Block Glasshouse - Shannon + Simons Living Room with polished concrete floors  House Rules - Steve and Tiana's Kitchen with polished concrete floors So after My Floor recently wrote on one of my blogs posts I thought they would be the best people to ask, so I did. When...

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The DL Edit - Interior Design Magazines:  Belle Magazine August / September 2015 One of my favourite interior design magazines for classic style and elegance. Always lots of luxe living. Have a look though my list of 10 favourite finds WithIn The Pages of this months Belle magazine and then items found on the websites I went to look through. Have a look at them all to see design at its best and check out the websites linked to see what else they offer.[/tps_header] Belle Magazine August - September 2015 King Living William Sofa a great looking sofa with casual comfort and classic style Sub Zero Wolf -...

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Design Library AU - Instagram In Quick Review June & July At Design Library AU we are always over at Instagram and we post different inspirations over there. Have a look at what we have been doing for June and July in Interior Design, Homewares, Art, Living Rooms, Interior Design Magazines, Stairs, Furniture, Lighting, Fireplaces, Closets and more! Then come and join us! The Design Library AU - Instagram in Review - June and July 2015 from Design Library AU on Vimeo. FOLLOW US ON INSTAGRAM - DESIGN LIBRARY AU Let us know what you think in the comments below. ...

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By Toby Go - Catwalk Rugs Woollen Rugs and Synthetic Rugs - Why the Price Difference? Picture this! You’re browsing rugs online and notice the rather large price difference in woollen rugs and synthetic rugs. You think “They look pretty similar”… so what’s the deal? Countless of our users have asked the same question while shopping online for our modern high-end rugs and our cheaper synthetic rugs at Catwalk Rugs, so we’re going to answer that question here with all the facts laid bare for the silent majority that wonders without asking! Let’s address synthetic rugs first and do a few comparisons. The rug on the...


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