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Interior Design: Black Book Listings - Outdoor Furniture, Timber, Homewares, Building Reference Heres is another list of great quality interior design online websites we've added to our directory. We've added beautiful outdoor furniture sites, amazing reclaimed timber suppliers, homewares, glass balustrades and shower screen companies, a comprehensive building quoting and advice resource you just have to see, furniture, bedding, online design news and industry associations. Again our listings come from Interior Designers Black Books. They can be small or large businesses all offering their own unique spin on the world of interior design, architecture, home improvements and renovation. You must click-through the links to...

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#31DaysofDesignFabulous - Day 14: Furniture - Jardan Throughout the year I come across websites that tickle my fancy, ok, I fall in love with them. Then for one reason or another the content doesn’t find its way on to my website so over the Christmas and New Year break when I’m going to take time off, spend a bit of time with my family and plan out the direction of The Design Library AU for 2015 I’ve created 31 Days of Design Fabulous – #31DaysofDesignFabulous. Come back when you have time and look through all 31 days. See you back in the...


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