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Kitchen Designs: Part 2 Cost Of Kitchen Benchtops The cost of kitchen benchtops can be a deciding factor to achieving your dream kitchen. With many options to choose from knowing what they cost may help you to make a decision. With cost in mind, you can then look at your selection and compare it together with maintenance and durability. COST The cost will be determined on exactly what your requirements are but a rough guide would be - Undoubtedly, the most cost-effective benchtop material is Laminate. Polished concrete is also cheap in terms of the raw materials. However, more complex designs may require specialized...

KD Feature, Kitchen Design 101, Kitchen Designs, Latest News, Popular Posts, Renovation, Start Here /

Kitchen Designs: Part 1 Kitchen Benchtops You might also like Part 2 on Kitchen Benchtops Costs HERE Kitchen design is one of the most important elements of designing a home. The kitchen has become the social hub of the home and the space in which families spend the majority of their time. Within this space, kitchen benchtops are undoubtedly the most important element. They are the most visually dominant feature of a kitchen and influential to the style of adjacent areas (such as living and dining spaces). The right benchtop will make or break your overall design. The main options for kitchen benchtop materials are: Natural...

KD Feature, Kitchen Designs, Latest News, Renovation, Start Here /

Kitchen Storage Solutions - 13 Clever Kitchen Design Ideas With a busy life and a busy family, my kitchen can be a mess. I try to keep it clean but it's a never-ending task, frankly, I don't like to do it! Who does? I remember when I was a young girl and my brothers had to do all the washing up and they complained that I never had to do anything. As the youngest, I thought this was good and never really understood when my mother would say to them - "don't worry, Liane will get her turn". Well, I've got my...


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