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Renovation Costs for Q4 FY15 Revealed - Australia is a nation of home lovers. We love the beach and we love our family and creating a space for us to relax in is a high priority. The idea of beautiful kitchen designs and bathroom renovations to create the perfect space are dreams of many. There is no real surprise that renovation costs have increased around the country and as a compulsive renovator myself I've definitely seen the price rises. So to find the best price we must get several quotes for each job, but this is time-consuming and life is so busy. So...

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Eating Out In Sydney: Woolwich Pier Hotel Over the weekend I had a desire for a steak! We don’t eat much red meat in our house with a vegetarian who eats chicken so when my young Miss was at a party we ventured to our local pub Woolwich Pier Hotel. As we waited for our dinner with a few drinks this time sitting in the bar stool along a long share bench, I got the opportunity to take in the bar.  The subway tiling that had been used stood out to me, maybe that's because I’m trying to make up my mind...


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