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Woollen Rugs and Synthetic Rugs – Why the Price Difference?

By Toby Go – Catwalk Rugs

Woollen Rugs and Synthetic Rugs – Why the Price Difference?

Picture this! You’re browsing rugs online and notice the rather large price difference in woollen rugs and synthetic rugs. You think “They look pretty similar”… so what’s the deal?
Countless of our users have asked the same question while shopping online for our modern high-end rugs and our cheaper synthetic rugs at Catwalk Rugs, so we’re going to answer that question here with all the facts laid bare for the silent majority that wonders without asking!

Let’s address synthetic rugs first and do a few comparisons.

Culture Marquee Rug and Sanderson Home Myrtle - Catwalk Rugs | designlibrary.com.au

The rug on the left is the Outdoor Rug Culture Marquee rug, and it’s made with Polypropylene.
The rug on the right is the woollen Sanderson Home Myrtle.
Polypropylene is a synthetic fiber, which means its man-made and this isn’t necessarily good or bad, it just means the benefits are different.
Generally, synthetic rugs are great for family rooms, play rooms, limited outdoor use, and even pool changing rooms. Imagine putting a $2000 woollen rug into a pool changing room! It just wouldn’t work and would seem out of place even to the less fashion conscious individual.
Choosing the right rug for the space is everything.
If you need help with making a decision and for us to go into this in more detail, head on over to our rug buying guide (the largest of its kind on the internet)!

The main individual benefits of Polypropylene are:

  • Doesn’t attract dust
  • Static free
  • Stain resistant
  • Very cost effective

Rug-Culture-Machine-Made-Rug By Catwalk RugsIf you check the Marquee rug and the Myrtle rug images above, this is a great example of the fact that synthetic rugs normally have repeated and simple designs due to the construction process of the rug. Woollen rugs don’t have these limitations!

Woolen-Floral-Rug By Catwalk Rugs

Woollen Rugs are a different ballgame.

A comparison of cheaper wine vs expensive wine isn’t too far off the mark here. Both are good and fulfil a basic function, both serve a purpose, and they both have a time and a place.

A good wine, you might even want to display on the shelf for a while first.
If you invest in a good woollen rug, you’ll want to display for a very long time.

A cheaper wine, you’ll normally drink it pretty soon after you bought it and it’s a bit more disposable.

If you spill some it’s not a huge deal, just buy some more! The same could be said for polypropylene rugs.

They’re going to last well over 10 years, but you’re going to be okay with placing them in more risky areas and if you get a spill on them it’s not the end of the world.

If you buy a woollen rug you’re buying a story, a unique work of art from a skilled craftsman. You’re also buying a rug that will last well over 20 years and can be passed down as a family heirloom. This all sounds great, but what about the actual properties of wool?

Wool as a rug material is unparalleled – 

  • providing extra warmth and comfort,
  • 30% higher stain resistance than synthetic fibers,
  • flame resistance,
  • and the ability to spring back to its original form and design due to the structure of woollen fibers.


Woollen Rugs and Synthetic Rugs - Why the Price Difference - Brink & Campman Kodari Elegance 31905 - Catwalk Rugs | designlibrary.com.au

 Brink & Campman Kodari Elegance 31905

Woollen Rugs and Synthetic Rugs - Why the Price Difference - Brink & Campman Kodari Vibes 33000 - Catwalk Rugs | designlibrary.com.au

Brink & Campman Kodari Vibes 33000

Woollen Rugs and Synthetic Rugs - Why the Price Difference - Catwalk Rugs - Skandinavian Rugs | designlibrary.com.au

Skandinavian Rugs

Woollen Rugs and Synthetic Rugs - Why the Price Difference - Scion Mr Fox Cinnamon 25303 - Catwalk Rugs | designlibrary.com.au

Kids Rugs – Scion Mr Fox Cinnamon 25303


As seen above, design is only limited by the designer’s imagination due to the flexibility of the fibers and rug making techniques possible with wool.

These are the main differences between Polypropylene (Synthetic) and Wool rugs!

At the end of the day, there’s no one rug that’s perfect for every situation. It’s best to communicate the idea that every rug has a place and purpose, depending on the materials used to make it and the type of design you’re looking for.

Hopefully this article helped to shed some light on which direction you want to go in for your space!

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Woollen Rugs Vs Synthetic Rugs - What is the difference | designlibrary.com.au


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