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Kitchen Makeovers (On A Budget) - 8 Clever Detailed Ideas To make your kitchen the heart of the home again it's about knowing where to spend your money on kitchen makeovers to get an affordable result. Many kitchens function well, but their style is a thing of the past. Many times you will be able to repair, replace or improve parts of your kitchen and it will look fantastic. Kitchen makeovers can come in many different forms. You can do a full kitchen renovation where you replace everything, or you can do a budget-friendly kitchen makeover and just replace critical pieces. If you decide...

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Kitchen Renovation: Designing your dream kitchen?   The perfect kitchen has fabulous and functional design. Grab our checklist and Planner before you see a kitchen designer! Updated Feb 2017   The kitchen you have at the moment just isn't working, the counter tops are old and they're starting to show wear and tear, it's just not the look you're after. You want to feel proud of your kitchen and most of all you just want space to fit everything in and work! So let's face it the kitchen is the heart of the home and it needs to look and feel like it. Where To Start Starting with a few...

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Kitchen Storage Solutions - 13 Clever Kitchen Design Ideas With a busy life and a busy family, my kitchen can be a mess. I try to keep it clean but it's a never-ending task, frankly, I don't like to do it! Who does? I remember when I was a young girl and my brothers had to do all the washing up and they complained that I never had to do anything. As the youngest, I thought this was good and never really understood when my mother would say to them - "don't worry, Liane will get her turn". Well, I've got my...

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White Kitchen Designs: 13 Inspirations to consider. My obsession with white kitchen designs keeps going. Sometimes it moves over to light soft greys with a touch of black, but really it is just white! Let me know what you like in the comments below. White kitchen designs: 13 inspirations to consider. White the element of simplicity. Norm Architects pastel kitchen Image via   Light grey cupboards with stone top and industrial lighting Image via   Stone feature island by Australian Darren James Interiors KBDi Designer of the Year 2014 Image via   White kitchen, timber floors and black framed window Image via   Sleek white kitchen, gloss cupboards Image via   White kitchen with copper feature inside...


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