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Bathroom Ideas – Black White & Grey Bathroom Inspiration

Black white and grey in a bathroom is always classic and I keep coming back to it.

Bathrooms are expensive to change and bathroom renovations should last for 15 to 20 years.

Colours come and go so it makes sense to select pieces that will last.

Great bathroom design is made up of –

  • Well thought out spaces
  • Storage to hide away unnecessary items
  • Functional bathroom vanities that cater for the number of people in the house
  • Showers that keep the water in ( single pieces of glass are terrible for a family you need a door)
  • Ventilation that works
  • Lighting that falls slightly forward of your face over a vanity – shadows are hard to work with
  • Adequate & accessible power points for a hair dryers or shavers
  • Tile selection that will last the test of time

Click through the images of bathroom ideas below for inspiration.

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Image via - Design Milk


Double entry shower with light well.

Concrete space with white towels and basin.

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