Bathroom Ideas – How to create your dream relaxing bathroom

Bathroom Ideas – How to create your dream relaxing bathroom

A trip to the day spa is the ultimate way to escape, but we don’t all have the time or money to head to the spa every month. So why not create your own calming sanctuary at home that you can enjoy every single day? Here are a few bathroom ideas for turning your bathroom into your dream relaxing retreat at home.

1. Stick with neutral, earthy tones

Spas tend to use light colours for a calming effect, giving the space an organic feel. White or taupe is a great base colour for your bathroom. The use of lightly textured and natural coloured tiles, along with crisp white vanity basins and a free-standing bath, really bring a sense of luxury to your bathroom design. You can complete this with white and natural coloured hand and bath towels. Timber is a great natural material that brings warmth to a room. Timber can be added through a vanity or flooring, or for a more cost-effective way the addition of a timber stool placed next a bath creates a luxurious feel.

2. Greenery adds life to the room

In addition to the neutral colour scheme, adding some indoor potted plants to your vanity can add a calming and natural atmosphere. A potted orchid is also an excellent addition to your bathroom space, replicating an ambient mood.

3. Scent

Scent plays a large role in mood, so don’t forget to add relaxing aromas to your space. Candles not only bring a calming and refreshing sent to your bathroom they also creates a warm natural light that enhances the neutral tones of the room.

It’s all in the details


4. Bathroom Design

  • simplicity is key
  • open plan space
  • white walls create the illusion of a larger space
  • large bathroom mirrors will make a small bathroom appear larger


5. Bathroom Decorating Ideas

  • candles
  • neutral towel colours
  • de-clutter the space to create the illusion of space and tranquillity
  • greenery adds life


6. Lighting

  • use as much natural light as possible
  • use candles for a spa like feel to really unwind and make your bathroom smell beautiful
  • install dimming lights to create your desired mood at night


7. Bathroom Colour Palette

  • select natural earthy tones like white, timber and taupe.  These are easy to work with to change your style over time and create a sense of relaxation in your bathroom.


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Bathroom Ideas - How To Create a Day Spa at Home -


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