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Lighting ideas and directions – 01

Lighting ideas

It never ceases to amaze me seeing the new ideas available in lighting. Many times a well put together room can shine with the introduction of spectacular lighting. A single pendant that hangs over a table, a collection of lights that add interest to an otherwise boring space come to life with the addition of glass, light and atmosphere. Urban Sofa I oslo

For a long time I have been thinking of the perfect comfy chair to read my book in, but it really needs a functional light hanging over the top to complete the picture. It creates a collection of furniture pieces that fill a void in a well lived living room.

In commercial settings I have seen many free hanging globes with creative filaments used for a feature look and the use of coloured cables can change the feel instantly.

It takes time to find the right lighting piece and when you do a setting really comes to life.

What to consider when choosing lighting –

The task you need to complete – does it need to be ambient light or is it a task light.

The mood you want to create – will your lighting create the atmosphere you are after.

Bulb selection – incandescent warm light, cool fluorescent light or energy-efficient halogen and LED lighting which can produce various lighting colours.

Location of the lighting fixture – For instance lighting in a bathroom used to put make-up on will need to be placed over the basin not over your head as this would create shadows over your face. Adding a dimmer in this situation can also create mood when having a relaxing bath. Hanging a pendant light too low can cause people to run into it so make sure there is clearance. Remember children love to jump on their beds and swing their arms in excitement, a situation I recent found out when a high swing of the arms in a WII game smashed a beautiful glass fitting hanging in a play room.

The following lights are not all new but still make a statement what do you think of them?

Pendant Lighting - Interior Design & Building

Image via – Australian supplier Design Craft

- Interior Design & Building

Image via Patrick Jouin

Mari Isopahkala lights - Interior Design & Building

Image via Mari Isopahkala

Orient Pendant - Interior Design & Building

Image via – Australian supplier Design Craft

Edison Bulb

Image via Fat Shack Vintage


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