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Office Inspiration: 17 Workspace Ideas

An office space that inspires, is an office space we all desire.

Creating an environment that has everything at reach, adequate lighting, inspiration boards, a comfortable chair and a computer is a must.

To foster creativity we need to consider design and layout, have elements that brighten the space like coordinating book files and pen holders.

Personalising your desk with objects that represent you and your life and placing words of wisdom and photos of friends and family ensure a warm and friendly environment.

My personal workspace features black and white a close representation of my personal style. I like to have 2 computer screens running at the same time and if I could I would add another – you can never have to many. Running the full length of my desk is a 3 metre long 12 piece hexagonal designed pinboard made by the very talented designers at Designer Pinboards where I pin all my inspiration and daily tasks.

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The perfect workspace is one you want to be in – click-through and see the 17 office inspirations below.

White walls and lots of windows for great light and a timber desk – lots of creativity.

17 Office Workspace Ideas | www.designlibrary.com.au

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