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Polished Concrete Floors – What You Need To Consider – My Floor Answers The Questions

I’m a bit of a renovation TV junkie (no surprise) and with shows like The Block and House Rules in recent times adding concrete floors, I’ve been thinking how would I go about this? What do I need to consider?

Polished Concrete Floors What To Consider - The Block Glasshouse - Shannon + Simons Living Room With polished Concrete Floors |

The Block Glasshouse – Shannon + Simons Living Room with polished concrete floors

Polished Concrete Floors What To Consider - My House Rules - Steve and Tianas Kitchen with Polished Concrete Floors |

 House Rules – Steve and Tiana’s Kitchen with polished concrete floors

So after My Floor recently wrote on one of my blogs posts I thought they would be the best people to ask, so I did.

When thinking about getting polished concrete floors what do I need to consider?

One of the main things to consider is ultimately how you want your floor to look.  There are many options with polished concrete flooring, for example different levels of stone exposure (none at all, minimal, medium, maximum).  There are colour concrete dyes available to create different effects (different shades of blue, green, gold, black, red, brown).  With the polishing, there are different levels of gloss that can be achieved (low, medium, high).  And the longevity required (eg. Mechanical polished concrete is more durable and long lasting than a coating finish ‘grind and seal’).

Polished Concrete Floors What To Consider - Honed External Polished Concrete By My Floor - oncrete - Private Residence Brisbane |

Honed External Polished Concrete

What part of my renovation / build do you come in?

For mechanical polished concrete, this can be carried out after the roof and frame, prior to gyprock.  This will enable the best finish on the floor areas.  The finish is quite durable, as the process actually hardens the concrete.   If choosing a ‘grind and seal’ finish, this needs to be done at the final stage of the build preferably prior to skirting boards and final coat of paint.  This is due to a coating being applied with this finish, which would wear/damage by trades if completed too early.

Polished Concrete Floors What To Consider - Signature Floor By My Floor - Private Residence Gold Coast - in detail |

Signature Floor Polished Concrete

What is the time process/stages needed for polished concrete floors to be poured, set and sealed?

Generally 2 – 4 weeks, depending on the concrete MPa (A megapascal (MPa) is a measure of the compressive strength of concrete) for a mechanical polished concrete finish.  Full cure period is required (28 days) if choosing the ‘grind and seal’ option as the sealer will turn milky if sealed while the concrete is still curing, and could end up delaminating.

Polished Concrete Floors What To Consider - Hiperfloor Polished Concrete By My Floor - Private Residence Brisbane |

Hiperfloor Polished Concrete 

Can a polished concrete floor be put on any existing concrete surface?

Yes we can treat existing concrete, as long as the concrete is suitable enough (not too soft or crumbly).  If for any reason the concrete is not suitable for polishing, we can install alternative finishes to still achieve the same look as polished concrete.

Polished Concrete Floors What To Consider - Honed External Polished Concrete By My Floor - Private Residence Brisbane |

Honed External Polished  Concrete

I have seen a great look where small black stones show through, how is it achieved?

As we are treating an existing surface, we cannot control the amount of aggregate or colours that will be exposed.  Where building a new home, this is something that would need to be arranged between the concreter/builder to ensure the desired concrete mix design is installed.  Where treating an existing home, if a particular look / aggregate colour is required, there are other options available (overlayment systems) to achieve the required look which our company can offer.

Is there any place I should not put polished concrete floors?

Polished concrete can be carried out anywhere, if there is concrete we can do it.  We complete a different finish to external areas, or commercial environments where a non-slip finish is required but it still retains the ‘polished concrete look’ where you can see the aggregates in the concrete, yet the finish wont be as smooth or glossy as internal floor finishes are.

Polished Concrete Floors What To Consider - Signature Floor Polished Concrete By My Floor - Private Residence Brisbane |

Signature Floor Polished Concrete

What is the questions I should asking you that I haven’t, what should I know before going through with getting polished concrete floors ??????

For new builds make sure you appoint a concreter who is experienced in laying concrete to be polished, as it will affect the overall finish if the contractor leaves screed bar marks, boot prints, bald spots (no stone exposure) etc, and any excessive undulations can result in additional charges to remove.  For all projects its very important to choose the right company to carry out your polished concrete floors, ensure the contractor specializes in this area, and holds the correct licenses to carry out the works.  There has been many times where a customer has chosen another contractor because they were cheaper, only to be contacting us later with their bad experience and needing us to fix the floor.

My Floors has been operating since 2009 and offers  a professional service which is quality assured to meet the needs of their commercial and industrial clients in all areas of South East Queensland (Brisbane, Gold Coast, Sunshine Coast, Toowoomba and Tweed Heads), New South Wales and Northern Queensland.

You can find all their details on their website – My Floor and connect with them on Facebook


Polished Concrete Floors What To Consider Before You Start |



Let us know in the comments below!

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  • Monique@The Urban Mum

    I needed this post when we renovated two years ago – I wanted concrete floors so badly I would have sold the kids and rented out the husband…however I couldn’t find someone to do the job (probably the uneven floors had something to do with it…). Next time we move I am making concrete floors my first priority – not negotiable, I love the one external look above. xxx

    • Liane Cooper

      I am with you Monique, polished concrete floors look fantastic!

  • Sonya

    I didn’t realise how lovely polished concrete floors actually look. My hubby who works on building sites would tell me how great they were but I could never picture the end result in my mind. The photos are great and now I know. Thanks Liane.

    • Liane Cooper

      Thanks Sonya, I do actually like black timber floors but concrete may be becoming my favourite.

  • Michael Dororugh

    I’d talk to Adam @ Ultimate Floors.

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