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Recycled Timber Furniture – Rabbit Trap Timber

Recycled Timber Furniture – Rabbit Trap Timber

Rabbit Trap Timber makes furniture from recycled timber. They make furniture to last with sustainability in mind, furniture that is robust and will last a life time.

They say they are breathing new life back into the timber. Their furniture is rustic yet has a modern edge to it. With such an amazing product we asked them a few questions –

Who is behind Rabbit Trap Timber?

Robert (Rabs) and Justine Taylor (Husband and Wife team) are behind Rabbit Trap Timber.

Rabbit Trap Timber - Farmhouse 3m x 1m | designlibrary.com.au

Farmhouse table – 3m x 1m ( Available in any size up to 5m)

Where does their timber come from? 

Beautifully aged timber is sourced from historical buildings, old Sydney wharfs, bridges, demolition sites, local farmhouses, e.g. floorboards.

Examples include – in Sydney: The Grace Bros building, The Mosman Wharf, old wool stores. In Country NSW: timber bridges in Young, The Gerringong Railway Station.

Rabbit Trap Timber - Miners Bench Rustic 3m x 30cm | designlibrary.com.au
Miners Bench Rustic 3m x 30cm

Why recycled timber?

Its sustainable and ethical, aged timber has so much more character than freshly cut wood – and is friendlier to the environment. We tread lightly on the earth.

Clients along with Rabs hand choose their timber, it’s bespoke, unique and tells its own story.

Rabbit Trap Timber - Hardwood Share platters | designlibrary.com.au

Hardwood Share Platters

Rabbit Trap Timber - Table and Chairs | designlibrary.com.au

Table and Chairs

How would you describe the style of furniture that you make? 

We are creators of solid timber furniture that is honest and pleasing to the eye. The RTT aesthetic is very simple; clean, balanced and always finding its roots in nature. We build furniture to specification to suit the clients own space + taste.

Rabbit Trap Timber - Trestle Coffee Table | designlibrary.com.au

Trestle Coffee Table

Rabbit Trap Timber - Bed | designlibrary.com.au

Rustic Bed

With your new direction into commercial, where do you see the business going?

We are producing en masse for larger projects now, e.g. our brand is building into retail shop fit-outs and merchandising projects. As we branch out to the commercial side, we are working more with architects and interior designers, mostly on hospitality and retail endeavours which is very exciting! We see commercial venues wanting a space to express themselves through bespoke fit-outs, specifically made of handcrafted timber materials they choose, so we see ourselves fulfilling that gap. Also in our new workspace, we’ll conduct workshops, people can see how our handcrafted timber furniture is made, have a coffee and shop for homewares and local treasures. We love what we do.

Rabbit Trap Timber - Commercial Fitout | designlibrary.com.au

Rabbit Trap Timber Commercial Fitouts

Rabbit Trap Timber - Commercial Fitouts | designlibrary.com.au

You can find more details about Rabbit Trap Timber on their website or follow them on Facebook or Instagram


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