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Renovation Stress on The Block Triple Threat!

Nobody said that renovation was easy and the pressures that are placed on a homeowner can be immense when renovating.

BUT it’s with a heavy heart that I watched The Block last night and watched Tim and Anastasia deal with their budgeting issues. In the real world you would never move forward with any costs that you knew you could never pay (and even if you couldn’t you would have the option of going to the bank to borrow more and if that wasn’t possible you might ask a friend or family member to help out) You would also be able to stop and deal with situations.

Watching the contestants on the Block make extremely quick decisions and turn around rooms in amazingly short times we need to remember this is a game. It is not reality and it doesn’t surprise me that they run into issues.

Renovating is all about planning – the worst plan would be to rush it.

Renovating is all about experience and research to deliver a well thought out space – although I am impressed with many of the rooms and spaces The Block contestants pull together in short spaces of time.

Renovating is stressful – but it’s knowing that, understand what you are doing, and then how to do it with creative flare.

Renovating is about utilising the skilled craftsman, trades, services, products, businesses and people who specialise in their respective areas.

I do hope that Tim and Anastasia come back to the show and we wait to find out this Sunday night.

Celebrating Tim and Anastasia’s work so far on The Block 2015.

Tim and Anastasia - Living Room | Renovation Stress

Tim and Anastasia - Ensuite - The Block Triple Threat | Renovation Stress

Tim and Anastasia - Kitchen Photo by Martin Philbey | Renovation Stress

Tim and Anastasia - Master Bedroom | Renovation Stress

All images via The Block

How do you deal with renovation stress? Let me know in the comments below.

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