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17 Bathroom Renovations Secrets For Your Beautiful Dream SpaceThe bathroom of my dreams is a very peaceful place; it creates the feeling if only for 15 minutes or so twice a day of a place that I have escaped into, my own private sanctuary. When I'm thinking of bathroom vanities they are big with double sinks and lots of space and my bathroom tiles are always glamorous maybe made of marble. I'm dreaming of the day...

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Bathroom Renovation Costs - Pro tips + Design Mistakes To Keep Costs Down Renovations are on the rise in Australia, and they show no sign of slowing down. With bathroom renovation costs creeping up we need to find ways to keep the cost down. Almost nine out of ten Australians agree that renovating is a good strategy to increase the value on their property. A Westpac Renovation Report (Nov. 2014) states that, while around 40% of Australians renovate to increase the value of their homes, over 60% renovate to maximise their homes' comfort. Bathroom Renovation Cost - Australians tend to see a high return per...


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