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By Clive Smith - Budget Self Pack Containers After the stress and excitement of moving has died down, you’re probably left with a bunch of moving boxes just laying around. And whilst the initial response is to simply ‘clean up the mess’, there’s actually a lot of fun and creative uses for leftover moving boxes to clear that clutter of brown chaos. You don’t need to be a mastermind either to make these creative solutions work. Whether it’s for family entertainment with the kids, or a DIY project you can get done yourself there’s many ways you can turn useless into useful...

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By Clive Smith - Budget Self Pack Containers Moving House? Don't Get Stung by an Overpriced Removalist Moving house can be an incredibly stressful and draining experience. You need to spend a lot of time preparing and even then, you can get caught out by companies that damage furniture, over charge or otherwise ruin your experience. Even if you get a great removalist, if you choose the wrong service it can make life really difficult. It’s important to minimise that risk as much as you can - research is the key. Types of Removalists Truck Hire The cheapest option also comes with the most work. You’ll need...


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