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Kitchen Renovation: Designing your dream kitchen?   The perfect kitchen has fabulous and functional design. Grab our checklist and Planner before you see a kitchen designer! Updated Feb 2017   The kitchen you have at the moment just isn't working, the counter tops are old and they're starting to show wear and tear, it's just not the look you're after. You want to feel proud of your kitchen and most of all you just want space to fit everything in and work! So let's face it the kitchen is the heart of the home and it needs to look and feel like it. Where To Start Starting with a few...

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Interior Design Magazines: Within The Pages of  Vogue living July / August July 2015 Right from the beginning this magazine jumps off the shelf. The rich green interiors of designer Agnes Emery's Marrakech home on the cover draws you in and there are many more to excite and inspire. The round-up of Milan 2015 is plenty and the many finds within are intriguing. I have to say my favourite was the interior fit out on page 140 showing fine design and respect for the history of the home, I found lots of ideas for a future project I have. Grab a copy...

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Kitchen Designs: Part 2 Cost Of Kitchen Benchtops The cost of kitchen benchtops can be a deciding factor to achieving your dream kitchen. With many options to choose from knowing what they cost may help you to make a decision. With cost in mind, you can then look at your selection and compare it together with maintenance and durability. COST The cost will be determined on exactly what your requirements are but a rough guide would be - Undoubtedly, the most cost-effective benchtop material is Laminate. Polished concrete is also cheap in terms of the raw materials. However, more complex designs may require specialized...

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Kitchen Designs: Part 1 Kitchen Benchtops You might also like Part 2 on Kitchen Benchtops Costs HERE Kitchen design is one of the most important elements of designing a home. The kitchen has become the social hub of the home and the space in which families spend the majority of their time. Within this space, kitchen benchtops are undoubtedly the most important element. They are the most visually dominant feature of a kitchen and influential to the style of adjacent areas (such as living and dining spaces). The right benchtop will make or break your overall design. The main options for kitchen benchtop materials are: Natural...

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White Kitchen Designs - Caesarstone Calacatta Nuvo White kitchen designs never go out of fashion, they are classic and always look clean. When renovating a kitchen the costs can be high so creating a space that will last seems like a good idea. Finding kitchen designs that will grow with our changing styles and trends lead us back to the white kitchen. Kitchen designs for small spaces can look larger in white and make the space look more open. As appliances change their colours from stainless steel to black, to bold colours to soft pastels the white kitchen is always a match. Caesarstone's interpretation...


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