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Home renovation can be fun, it can be exciting but to make sure your renovation goes well don't make the following mistakes. Your home is probably your most valued asset and renovating can help to build this asset but you need to plan your renovation out exactly. Follow the correct process with trusted trades people and pull together your renovation ideas for a fantastic job you will be proud of for years to come. After 7 renovations I have made many mistakes and they can be very costly or just plain annoying, especially when you have to keep looking at them day...

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Friday Finds - Dreaming About Renovation Ideas With my future renovation on my mind surfing the internet and flicking though magazines is what I seem to do a lot as I'm doing my planning. Everywhere I go I find different ideas, it can be in a waiting room, at the library and in the many magazines that get delivered to my house each month, there is lots of information all around. Below are my Friday Finds that look my fancy this week - The Albed Vista Girevole shelving system- a great way to display and store books. It can also double as a room...

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The Block Glasshouse - Week 1 Guest bedrooms began with surprising results and we started to see the individual design styles of each couple. Below are my favourite rooms and products from Week 1 - Guest Bedrooms Let me know if you agree in the comments below. Great work to Dee & Darren, Michael & Carlene and Shannon & Simon this week. Dee and Darren's Guest Bedroom Week 1 Great selection of bedding and cushions from Hermon & Hermon and Linen & Moore, nice side tables from Town & Country Style and great Enoki Cumulus pendant lights. Michael and Carlene's Guest Bedroom Week 1 My favourites...

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The Block Glasshouse has been over for only 1 week, I'm having withdrawals!   As an interior designer & experienced renovator The Block series would have to one of my favourite shows. There is nothing better than being deep in renovation with "everything" happening all around you with the stress being so high. I love to watch knowing it's not me renovating and that I can sleep in my own bed and cook in my own kitchen is a relief, as we watch the struggles and achievements nightly of the contestants. but I do wish I was renovating again...


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