The Block Glasshouse in Review -

The Best Of The Block Glasshouse Review – I Miss It Already!

The Block Glasshouse has been over for only 1 week, I’m having withdrawals!


As an interior designer & experienced renovator The Block series would have to one of my favourite shows. There is nothing better than being deep in renovation with “everything” happening all around you with the stress being so high. I love to watch knowing it’s not me renovating and that I can sleep in my own bed and cook in my own kitchen is a relief, as we watch the struggles and achievements nightly of the contestants.

but I do wish I was renovating again…….


It amazes me that people with not much renovation experience can create such great looking apartments.  But we all know that many do actually have experience in carpentry, building, plumbing, painting, cabinetry and project management to name a few areas but it doesn’t matter how much experience you have, to be placed in such conditions where you live and breathe renovations would make the best of people crack.

It was great see how real it really was when tempers and complete frustrations took hold. That is real, that is renovation. There will always be mistakes, there will always be hold ups to deal with, when renovating.

I’ve had many laughs when I speak to designer and builder friends and discuss kitchens and bathroom renovations. There are clients whose expectations will be that they will be able to complete their jobs in 1 week!

The Block is not real life and it takes time to complete real jobs. Companies bend over backwards to meet the expectations of The Block and we love them for it but in real life you want your trades people to complete their work in a reasonable amount of time, with the utmost care and respect for your property, to a high standard. Not that they don’t do this at the Block, but I can’t really see tradespeople working into the night just because you wanted it finished tomorrow to present to a few friends who were coming over to check it out!

Everyone knows that The Block is a game,

renovating rooms from scratch are not done in 1 week!


What a game it was when the final auctions come down with some great wins and some low lows, an auction anticlimax to the show. Many months of work for not many dollars for some. The standard of work and design was extremely high and from the comfort of my living room it looked fantastic most of the time.

In particular I liked the style and sophistication of Dee and Darren. Dee’s bathrooms and kitchens are rooms I’d love to recreate and her styling was always spot on. Many of the rooms created by Michael and Carlene captured my attention for their detail and design. Shannon and Simon created fantastic architectural features and placed their apartment apart from the others. Max and Karstan’s spaces were styled with great elements and Chris and Jenna mastered a bathroom nicely.

In the following posts coming will be my favourite rooms and products check them out and share!


What was your favourite rooms and items from The Block Glasshouse?   Comment below!


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