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Welcome To 2016 + The 50 Best Interior Blog Posts 2015

Welcome To 2016 + The 50 Best Interior Blog Posts 2015

It’s February already and my first day back for 2016. My inbox is very full and I have lots to get through.

Over the holidays I haven’t just been sitting around ( well I did do a lot of that) and Sydney has seen a lot of rain over the last few months. Its given me the time to rethink The Design Library and the direction I would like to take it in. For 2016 I’m looking for the The Best of The Best in Interior Design and Renovation information to list here on my website.

Over the last few weeks I have been rebuilding my website to work with Design Library Marketing. So if you find any issues I will have them fixed very soon.

My plan for 2016 is to start my next renovation. To extend my house up 2 more levels. So bring on architects, space planning, furniture, colours, landscaping and more.
In December of last year The Design Library was listed in the 50 Best Interior Blog Posts for 2015 for our Mother Day Weekend Dreaming of 22 Amazing Relaxing Spaces article.

Have a look through there is a lot of great articles to inspire and dream about.

Our favourite 4 are –

Est-Magazine-Jensen-Architects-Pool - Interior Design - designlibrary.com.au



Earth-Color-Trend-Eclectic-Trends - Interior Design - designlibrary.com.au

Eclectric Trends – Earth Colour Trends 2015 / 16


How To - Tropical Interiors - Interior Design - designlibrary.com.au

Apartment Number 4 – How To: Tropical Interiors


Design Hunter UK - Blue Makeover - Interior Design - designlibrary.com.au

Design Hunter UK – A Moody Blue Makeover


Click on over to see them all 50 Best Interior Blog Posts for 2015


All images via each website linked.


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