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17 Bathroom Renovations Secrets For Your Beautiful Dream Space The bathroom of my dreams is a very peaceful place; it creates the feeling if only for 15 minutes or so twice a day of a place that I have escaped into, my own private sanctuary. When I'm thinking of bathroom vanities they are big with double sinks and lots of space and my bathroom tiles are always glamorous maybe made of marble. I'm dreaming of the day...

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Home Renovation Ideas – Where To Start? You have a fabulous new renovation to begin, your excited with the prospect of creating a new space, but where do you start? Renovating can be fun, but don’t be surprised if you find it very testing at times. Even with the best planning you can come unstuck; there will be “stuff” that just comes up that you will have to deal with. People will let you down and time frames will be pushed out. Budgets will be blown if you deviate from the original plan or find an item that you must absolutely have. Relationships can...


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